Saturday, June 28, 2008

My little birdcage

My cute new even has a little bird inside.

Necklace : Pull&Bear

Friday, June 27, 2008

Exquisite vintage

Back at home...And to my own laptop. It's not easy to be far from I'm happy to be able to post as I like to again.

During my mini holidays I did/saw some interesting and nice things. One of my great discoveries was a little cute vintage store with a not very nice owner. She got angry because I wanted to take photos and asked me why they were for, because she just allowed to take pictures if they where for stylists for TV or films or theater...So bizarre, don't you think? Anyways, I didn't want to tell her that they were for my blog, because I'm sure that she would like to know the blog address and she was so unkind that I wasn't sure if I wanted her to enter this mini world I have here...I just didn't want to. So I just told her that the pictures were for me, because I loved vintage clothes and I loved many of the stuff around there and I just wanted to have them for myself. She thinked about it for a minute and then said...ok. But I wanted to go, so I just decided to take a pic of my favourite thing in the store, which is this wonderful, beautiful outfit...

The coat was unbelievable, with its pattern of little ribbons, and the dress was made of silk, and so 20's...of course it was all very expensive and I didn't want to be broke for the rest of the month, but I still dream of these two cute pieces...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm out on some mini holidays...will be back soon. I couldn't take my laptop with me so it's not easy to post as I would like to, with pictures etc...
Anyways, I'm having a great time, despite the unbelievable heat, which makes it hard to decide about outfits...I just want to wear light white dresses, eat many fruit sorbets and ice tea with mint and that's all.
These days I've been playing Scrabble in sunny terraces, drinking raspberry milkshakes and café frappé while walking by busy streets, sleeping on the grass under the shadow of centenary trees...
I've also been searching for new retro nice clothes at some cool vintage stores and bought some pretty little things. Will show them soon, especially a really nice 70s jacket (with strass buttons!) that makes me doubt about the right ways to combine it. I hope you can help me!

Happy holidays!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 strap shoes

The more I look at them, the more I like them...

I bought them today, just for 14 euros. Amazing! I have to admit that the price convinced me to buy them, because I wasn't sure at all...I liked the three straps and the colour, but wasn't convinced about the shape. For me these are the ideal three strap shoes...

And also...

But unfortunately they're impossible to find anywhere now. If you have a clue about those please tell me, I don't mind they are from the 2007 collection...I think they are one of those eternal pieces of art to keep forever...I just love Chloé so much.
Until then, I'm very happy with this unexpected pair of girly-style, with a hint of Lolita intention. Perfect with dresses and also with light grey slim jeans, as I tried them on today.

Three strap soes : Sfera

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My lovely hairband

Isn't it so cute? I got it for my birthday, a few days ago, and totally loved it. It matches so great with black (a nice way to break the "total black" look), grey, cream and white...It's so soft and beautiful. I'll take some pictures of myself wearing it and I'll show them here sometime...It's also available in black and ivory, but this powder pink one is my favourite...My hair is really dark so the black one didn't make contrast at all and the ivory one was, on the other hand, too much contrast...anyways, I'm thinking of buying the black one too, just for "discrete" days. I've worn it as a classic hairband, but it also looks great in a 1920s style.

Hairband: Bimba&Lola

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rei for H&M

I wrote a little joke about H&M on my previous post, and I instantly remembered one of the great news of the year...especially for those who can't spent as much as we wanted on fashion...

I've always admired Japanese designers...I've always liked them, although sometimes they are so "experimetal" that I see their creations more as walking sculpture impossible to wear (but great to collect) or a performance.
I love Yamamoto's homeless style, perfect for a clocharde like me. I admire the savoir faire and elegance of Hanae Mori, the most French of the Japanese designers (and she's also very special for me for other reasons...I'll write about that in a Special perfumes forever post). Kenzo's colors and exotic creations...Issey Miyake's fun and so well structured, as he was an architect, designs.

And her...I was so surprised when I read that Rei Kawakubo was going to create a collection for H&M...for me, she's always been a bit like an "outsider" in the fashion's quite known the fact that she barely uses scissors or needles. She just gives ideas, in a very abstract way, to a very well trained team that works with her to create those original, diferent and fantastic creations of Comme des Garçons. She also lives permanently in Tokio, and goes to Paris for no more than a week...and I think she has an idea of fashion that is quite far from the concept of "industry" and "business". That's why I guess this is gonna be very strange for her too, but also a challenge.
On the other hand, I think everybody is going to be very happy to see her pieces of art hanged ina store where we all can buy. Anyways, we'll have to wait to see the my opinion, some of the other "designer's for H&M" have been a bit dissapointing. Also, I admire Comme des Garçons as a work of art, but the style of this brand doesn't fix exactly with my own style now...not always, but generally.
The mistery will be solved sometime in November, just a few days after the collection's launching in Japan, the first place where it will be available.

Monday, June 16, 2008

His name is Jean...James Jean

Maybe not many people recognize this guy in a "zen scenary"...but by the name of the post I know you know who he is...

He is James Jean, the (VERY) talented L.A. based illustrator who created all those wonderful wallpapers and patters for the last Prada collection.

He might be American-Taiwanese, living in the cosmopolitan L.A. and designing for one of the most important Italian brands...but I know where he really Fairyland!

Awesome Prada ads...they still look so Prada (the colours, the poses, the make up...) but with Jean's magic touch...which is great because, to be honest, Prada's graphic ads were starting to bore me a little bit...

Visit James' Fairyland here...

And maybe you'd like to take a look to my Some of my Favourite Illustrators List...(and maybe we should beg some of them to create some good stuff for H&M, don't you think?). I love them!

Tara McPherson
Ana Bagayan
Dave McKean
Gary Baseman
Esao Andrews
Nicolas Guittard

Etc...(Too many to list them all now...)

All adorable with a hint of creepiness (some more than just a hint...)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tokio parapluie

Lost in translation, one of my favourite films.
I think it expresses so well the feeling of solitude, in a very feminine way.
I saw it at an empty cinema years ago, in a very strange an lonely day for me. And this film was the best thing that could happen to me in such a bad day.

The reason why I'm writing about Lost in translation is not only because I'm a fan of the film, but also a fan of the beautiful umbrella that Scarlett carries when she walks alone in Tokio.
I don't like umbrellas. I hate them.

But there's an exception. The Tokio umbrella, as I like to referr to it.

It's perfect, it's transparent, it's cute, it's Japanese...

I want one! But I can't find them here. Maybe when I go to Japan, sometime...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beautiful wallpapers

I love wallpapers. I especially like those "old style" ones, with beautiful patterns that you would imagine covering the walls of an English cottage or maybe a Parisian attic.
Sadly, I don't have wallpapers in my appartment. They are not very common where I live, and the appartment is rented, so I can't do what I want to decorate it.
So the only place where I can have a nice, floral, old fashioned wallpaper laptop! I never thought of it, but when I saw the awesome downloadable wallpapers in the Paul&Joe website I thought: my dream came true! I can have the most adorable wallpapers! And with Paul&Joe nice!

Here they are...

And also a screen saver...

I especially love the third one.

Which one do you prefer?

Download your favourite(s)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Olivier Theyskens, the little great dark prince.
He is a genius! The Belgian designer of Nina Ricci started to work profesionally in the fashion world at the young age of nineteen.
He was the last designer of Rochas, before the fashion section of the brand was sadly eliminated.

I loved his work in Rochas, but I love even more his designs for Nina Ricci. You can notice how he loves delicate shapes, how he gets inspiration from anywhere, even a bottle of parfum and why he is a master of color...I've never liked yellow before Olivier in Nina Ricci.
I love his "dark fairytale style". I love that mistery around him.

Beautiful ruffles...
L'air du temps...

Great ads...

It's hard to write in a language that isn't your mother I'll try to do my best although I'm aware that my English is not very good. In the future, posts will also be translated, hopefully, to Spanish and to French. Hope you all enjoy!
Anyways, please correct me! I hate knowing that I have mistakes here.
Wellcome everybody!