Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My lovely hairband

Isn't it so cute? I got it for my birthday, a few days ago, and totally loved it. It matches so great with black (a nice way to break the "total black" look), grey, cream and white...It's so soft and beautiful. I'll take some pictures of myself wearing it and I'll show them here sometime...It's also available in black and ivory, but this powder pink one is my favourite...My hair is really dark so the black one didn't make contrast at all and the ivory one was, on the other hand, too much contrast...anyways, I'm thinking of buying the black one too, just for "discrete" days. I've worn it as a classic hairband, but it also looks great in a 1920s style.

Hairband: Bimba&Lola


Isa said...

that one looks very darling, almost a little whimsical with those ruffles.
I really like wearing headbands as well but you really have to take care to not cross the 50s-hair thing-line, right?

thank you for your lovely words on my blog!

La Clocharde said...

The ruffles are fantastic.
But that's right, hairbands are nice but not that easy to wear, you have to be very careful with your hairstyle, the colour, how you wear it...this one even looks different depending on which side I wear the flowers.

nillakitty said...

I want this sooooo bad!