Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rei for H&M

I wrote a little joke about H&M on my previous post, and I instantly remembered one of the great news of the year...especially for those who can't spent as much as we wanted on fashion...

I've always admired Japanese designers...I've always liked them, although sometimes they are so "experimetal" that I see their creations more as walking sculpture impossible to wear (but great to collect) or a performance.
I love Yamamoto's homeless style, perfect for a clocharde like me. I admire the savoir faire and elegance of Hanae Mori, the most French of the Japanese designers (and she's also very special for me for other reasons...I'll write about that in a Special perfumes forever post). Kenzo's colors and exotic creations...Issey Miyake's fun and so well structured, as he was an architect, designs.

And her...I was so surprised when I read that Rei Kawakubo was going to create a collection for H&M...for me, she's always been a bit like an "outsider" in the fashion industry...it's quite known the fact that she barely uses scissors or needles. She just gives ideas, in a very abstract way, to a very well trained team that works with her to create those original, diferent and fantastic creations of Comme des Garçons. She also lives permanently in Tokio, and goes to Paris for no more than a week...and I think she has an idea of fashion that is quite far from the concept of "industry" and "business". That's why I guess this is gonna be very strange for her too, but also a challenge.
On the other hand, I think everybody is going to be very happy to see her pieces of art hanged ina store where we all can buy. Anyways, we'll have to wait to see the collection...in my opinion, some of the other "designer's for H&M" have been a bit dissapointing. Also, I admire Comme des Garçons as a work of art, but the style of this brand doesn't fix exactly with my own style now...not always, but generally.
The mistery will be solved sometime in November, just a few days after the collection's launching in Japan, the first place where it will be available.



I am very curious as well. I guess we have to wait till november :-)
Thanks for passing my blog and i wish you great success with yours!

PS re Anouck & Jefferson. No we didn't talk. I just asked for a quick picture.

Isa said...

oh, that is an amazing thing to hear! I loved almost everything from the h&m designer-collections, they did such a good job mixing high fashion and street fashion up!

La Clocharde said...

Yes girls...I see we are all curious and impatient :)