Monday, June 16, 2008

His name is Jean...James Jean

Maybe not many people recognize this guy in a "zen scenary"...but by the name of the post I know you know who he is...

He is James Jean, the (VERY) talented L.A. based illustrator who created all those wonderful wallpapers and patters for the last Prada collection.

He might be American-Taiwanese, living in the cosmopolitan L.A. and designing for one of the most important Italian brands...but I know where he really Fairyland!

Awesome Prada ads...they still look so Prada (the colours, the poses, the make up...) but with Jean's magic touch...which is great because, to be honest, Prada's graphic ads were starting to bore me a little bit...

Visit James' Fairyland here...

And maybe you'd like to take a look to my Some of my Favourite Illustrators List...(and maybe we should beg some of them to create some good stuff for H&M, don't you think?). I love them!

Tara McPherson
Ana Bagayan
Dave McKean
Gary Baseman
Esao Andrews
Nicolas Guittard

Etc...(Too many to list them all now...)

All adorable with a hint of creepiness (some more than just a hint...)

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Wendy said...

I didn't even know about him. He is like the mastermind behind I guess. His illustrations are cute but also sophisticated.