Sunday, February 1, 2009

These Balmainesque booties...are made for walking!!

So I went back to the sales. And, of course, I bought a couple of nice things...a silk blouse, and the Balmain wannabes in Zara. I saw them during the past months, liked them, but thought they weren't worth the I found them for 20 euros!!! 20!.
I now, the eternal question about cheap shoes is basically: should I spend money buying 5 cheap and usually uncomfortable and bad quality shoes or should I spend that money in buying just a pair of expensive hence good ones? The correct answer, for me, would be the second...but 20 euros is not even a rpice to doubt. What is the worst thing that would happen? It doesn't matter much, because that's just too cheap. They are labeled as "Special Edition"...I didn't know Zara had special editions. So I went home with them, part happy and part scared because I also thought they were going to be a torture for my poor feet.
Well, it turns out they weren't...I wore them for a full day out of home, and they are so comfortable, so nice to walk in, they are also pretty and the material they are made of is so soft. They have some serious heels, but that's not a problem at all. Isn't that great?
Now I love my cheap Balmain wannabes...not as good as the original ones, but my feet and I like them very much.

Balmain Wannabes:Zara Special Edition (20 euros)