Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm out on some mini holidays...will be back soon. I couldn't take my laptop with me so it's not easy to post as I would like to, with pictures etc...
Anyways, I'm having a great time, despite the unbelievable heat, which makes it hard to decide about outfits...I just want to wear light white dresses, eat many fruit sorbets and ice tea with mint and that's all.
These days I've been playing Scrabble in sunny terraces, drinking raspberry milkshakes and café frappé while walking by busy streets, sleeping on the grass under the shadow of centenary trees...
I've also been searching for new retro nice clothes at some cool vintage stores and bought some pretty little things. Will show them soon, especially a really nice 70s jacket (with strass buttons!) that makes me doubt about the right ways to combine it. I hope you can help me!

Happy holidays!



Have fun!

Times of Glory said...

You have such an amazing blog! I totally adore your posts! Have fun and look forward to your new posts xx


Hi La Clocharde,

I added your blog as my favorite! Please check out the answer regarding camera in my today's post comment.

Hope you have a lovely holiday!

à très bientot :-)

Acielle xx

Ragamala said...

I love those shoes you have in the post below. They are some really nice three straps in my opinion!