Saturday, June 7, 2008


Olivier Theyskens, the little great dark prince.
He is a genius! The Belgian designer of Nina Ricci started to work profesionally in the fashion world at the young age of nineteen.
He was the last designer of Rochas, before the fashion section of the brand was sadly eliminated.

I loved his work in Rochas, but I love even more his designs for Nina Ricci. You can notice how he loves delicate shapes, how he gets inspiration from anywhere, even a bottle of parfum and why he is a master of color...I've never liked yellow before Olivier in Nina Ricci.
I love his "dark fairytale style". I love that mistery around him.

Beautiful ruffles...
L'air du temps...

Great ads...

It's hard to write in a language that isn't your mother I'll try to do my best although I'm aware that my English is not very good. In the future, posts will also be translated, hopefully, to Spanish and to French. Hope you all enjoy!
Anyways, please correct me! I hate knowing that I have mistakes here.
Wellcome everybody!

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