Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old suitcases, London

I love old suitcases. Every time I go to an antique store, I would like to buy them all to decorate my appartment...Of course, as London is full of antique stores...I could see many vintage suitcases. There was even a giant Louis Vuitton one in Portobello that I totally went crazy for. But the pic wasn't good at all.

These are all from Camden Town Market and Portobello Road Market...


altamiranyc said...

I have something similar in by condo's bedroom

The Clothes Horse said...

Swoon! I love all of that old luggage. I want some, but practicality keeps me with my ugly, modern, wheeled things.


Hi Dear!

Good to see you back!

These look amazing. Would love to have one as well :-)


Yes I'm enjoying Barcelona right now.