Monday, August 25, 2008

Yummy London!

London is a sweet place...

Lovely colours, chocolates and flowers in Harrods

Cakes and mini cakes in Harrods too

"I heart chocolate!!"...especially these cute tablets, from Liberty

Lollipops!!...can't remember where (there were many candy stores!)

I'm so sorry for being away for such a long time...I'm studying A LOT at the moment, so I couln't find the right time to write a good post. But then I remembered all my pics from London, which are the ones I'm going to post these days. Hope you like them!


Richel said...

I honestly would gain like hundreds of pounds if I lived in London.


London... I was there a few times, loved it very much. I so miss it!

Love the pics, they have such amazing candy at Harrods!!!

Best of luck with studying, I'm sure you'll do fantastic :-)