Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My brand new books!

Some of my London book purchases...

After searching for Banksy's graffitis, hoping to see at least one and not finding any...I decided to buy the book (which is great).
Brideshead Revisited...for the plane (and now I keep reading it). And the movie will be on the cinema soon, by the way.
One of the cutest, mostfantastic books I've ever seen/had..."This is for you" by Rob Ryan. I'll make more pics of it soon so you can see a bit more of it. It's so beautiful, and all the text and illustrations are cut out of paper! . How cool and incredible is that? I highly reccomend his blog and his website, both great ways to know Rob's world a little bit more.


CoutureCarrie said...

Ooooh I have to go buy some books; have always wanted to read Brideshead, and now seems like an opportune moment, as it is becoming a movie (again), right?


Danz said...

Oh, I had no idea you were back darling! Good to see you again :)

I've heard about Brideshead Revisted movies but I haven't read the book. I'd like to read it before I see the movie though. I always like to imagine the characters and situations for myself first instead of allowing the movie to create them for me.


I need to find time to read... I didn't read for a long time. Thank you for inspiration, dear!