Monday, July 14, 2008

Jackets I love

I've stayed at home this morning, being a bit lazy and also trying to tidy my wardrobe a little bit. I was also looking for inspiration for a post...and I found it.
I saw all the jackets I own and thought that I've been wearing some of them quite a lot lately because the summer is not being as soffocating as I thought it would be.
I like jackets quite a lot...especially wearing them unbuttoned.

So I selected the ones that I'm wearing very much these days, and took some pics (sorry for the bad quality) of them.
So here they are...the jackets I've been loving lately...

The pink ladylike jacket, actually new, bought on Saturday on the sales (haven't worn it yet but I'm sure I will, a lot) : Zara

The "strass buttons" jacket I wrote about here : Vintage

I love stripes...Black and white striped jacket : Zara

This one is really old and I didn't wear it for a long time, but rediscovered it this spring : Indian, bought in a hippy store.

Yes, the sailor jacket that everybody, I mean everybody or at least many people like :) : H&M


ryder said...

tnx so much!

i love that zara jacket, so balenciaga last season(or the one before). dont u think?

La Clocharde said...

You are right about the jacket, I thought exactly the same, and it actually fits in a similar way than the Balenciaga one, which is great.

Thanks for your visit.



Hey sweet La clocharde,

I adore every single post you make. You have such amazing taste...

Would love to see pictures of you in these jackets.


CoutureCarrie said...

You have an awesome blazer collections. Love the stripes in particular. Aren't jackets the best??

AlicePleasance said...

The striped one is great! I have one striped jacket from Zara too, but mine is white and salmon :-)

Times of Glory said...

Dear you have lots of GORGEOUS jackets! Each is so individual! Your new buy, Zara, is very chic! The sleeve details are incredible! I also love The White vintage one... how special! You must be so pretty in them xxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I like wearing jackets open - more comfy and stylish :)


Dear La clocharde!

I've tagged you with a Premio Award!



Danz said...

You have an awesome jacket collection! I love the "strass buttons" jacket, the striped jacket and the sailor jacket the most!

Thanks so much for your comment darling, you always make me smile! Take care and have a great day tomorrow.

we wear things said...

ahh i absolutely LOVE jackets.. and it's crazy for me to keep buying them.. since it's so hot here! can't wait til november!

**Queen B** said...

love your jackets...I wished it wasn't so hot in nyc so I can wear lil cute jackets.