Monday, December 22, 2008

Project Runway...(really)

So I'm back, after a stressful month, full of stuff to do for Uni, a little depression and some health issues. Hope you are all fine! It's so good to see you again.

This has been my first totally free weekend, and among other things I have to confess that I watched the entire 5th season of Project Runway. I'm not a fan of "Reality TV" at all...but my best friend, who is quite a TV lover insisted that I had to watch it because there was a girl there whose design I was going to love. All right then...I watched Project Runway in two days. I was free but also dealing with a flu, so I had to stay at home.
I was quite surprised because the program is not as bad as I imagined. It's great that they focus on the work of the contestants and not on their personal life and the stuff they do when they are not designing. It was TV after all, a reality show, but it was ok. Also, I found a lot of creations that I didn't like AT ALL...but my friend was right. There was a unique jewel there, called Leanne Marshall. I totally loved her style, which is very unique. It was a surprise...and well, my friend didn't tell me who was the contestant I was going to love, but I knew it just from the beggining.
Of course, she won. And made a fabulous final collection that I loved. I would totally wear anything from it. And the beautiful colours, and the cute shapes, and all those waves and ruffles..
Check it out...

My favourite

Those beautiful colours!!

I did a little bit of research about the lovely Leanne on the web, and found her website, which you can visit here. And some pics of other creations by her, from which I selected these, because I'm crazy in love with them..

Sorry for abandoning the blog for a was a tough month, really. But I missed it a lot, and I missed reading the other fab fashions blogs...Thanks anyways for passing by, and it's nice to be a bit free again.


Maribel said...

I passed by the web you mentioned, and those clothing are really delicate and nice! Kisses :)

Annabelle said...

salut la clocharde,
thanks for popping by my blog - love that you rickrolled yourself too!

haha, my bf told me that you can hire people to rickroll board meetings at work etc! wouldn't that be funny?

nice to have you up and blogging again - i loved leanne's designs this season too!

Couture Carrie said...

I love Leann's collection too!

Missed you, La C!


The Clothes Horse said...

Project Runway is totally addictive. And the win this year was totally deserved.

Outi said...

Haha, this is so incredible -- I just watched the final episode of that series, where Leanne wins, about an hour ago, and then by a total accident (going through old posts of mine and seeing your comment) I came across yours and checked your blog out, as it has been a long time.
And you seem to have quit blogging, since the last posts seem to be from the very first months of the year?
Well, hi anyhow, just wanted to share the funny coincidence!