Saturday, November 1, 2008

More good news

Remember when the legendary brand Rochas announced that they were not going to keep their clothing line? Olivier Theysken's last show was so sad, after a few years of spectacular creations by the Belgian artist for la maison Rochas.

But after not a long time, and despite the fact that, yes, there's a big crisis...Rochas is back in the fashion world!!!

Who said crisis??

Apparently, Procter and Gamble and some other company decided to invest again in Rochas for more prêt-à-porter collections.

I'm pretty happy about that, because it's always sad to say goodbye to a brand who has been there for years and years, especially a brand like Rochas, which I personally like, because it's always had a really feminine, ethereal and cute spirit.

But I also think that after having someone like Theyskens as head creator, the new designer will have to work really hard, because there's gonna be a big responsability here, and also many many comparison to the genious that Theyskens is...remember his dream collections for Rochas??

I still dream of this's one of my favourite dresses ever. Thanks, Olivier...

So, who is the new first designer for Rochas?

Apparently, it's gonna be Marco Zanini, who has worked for Versace for many years, and was the guy who revived Halston.
He is pretty good. But will he adapt his creativity to the soul of Rochas (I think so!) or will he do something completely new and different to avoid the comparisons??
Anyways...We'll see soon.

Good luck, Marco!!



Clarice said...

Ooh, this is indeed great news! I loved Rochas, and especially what Olivier Theyskens did with the label, his shoes will be big indeed, and here's hoping Marcos fills them!


It's so wonderful!

That dress is so romantic...

I so enjoy coming and visit you so much positivity here! Love the post and your incredible blog!


Katie said...

the dress is amazinggggg but i cant stand kirsten