Friday, October 24, 2008

I want this book

"Misty Dawn: Portrait of a muse", by Jock Sturges

Jock Sturges is an American photographer who has published some fab books and exhibitions and worked for important publications such as Vogue Japan and Italian Marie Claire. He has been photographing Misty Dawn for 25 of her 28 years of life. The photos are excellent, as usual with Sturges' work.
His case rememebers me to David Hamilton's. Both have been accused of pornography and of photgraphing nudity in young women. I'm not going no talk about the controversy around their work here. I'll just say that I can't see disrespect or anything like that anywhere here.. Maybe the ones who think that should look at the photos a little bit more and with a new vision without the influence of suspicion that sometimes turns into paranoia..Mr. Sturges is an artist, a fantastic photographer that is just doing his work, taking pictures from the world around him and doing some really great stuff like this collection, dedicated to his muse, where we can see the evolution that happens to most of women...from a sometimes insecure and fragile child to a confident and wonderful woman.

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