Monday, July 7, 2008

Old stuff found in a wardrobe

Bag : Unknown / Scarf : Unknown
Coffee : I'm an addict / Mini ice cream : Unbelievable hot summer

Have you ever looked back in your old wardrobe, during a visit to the family? Maybe you've been as lucky as I was, finding these two cute items lost somewhere there...I don't even remember wearing them, maybe they weren't even mine...but now that I've found them I'm so hapy and they are so pretty that I'm enjoying them as much as they deserve.
The bag is made of leather, and it's so small that I can only fit in it a couple of things. It looks lovely! So oldie, and so cute.
The scarf is made of a really fresh material, perfect for the summer. I love wearing it as a hairband.
Next time I'll explore the old wardrobes again...I'm sure they are full of precious treasures!


Bananas Diary said...
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Bananas Diary said...

Oh, something went wrong.

You're very lucky finding that in your wardrobe!

Wendy said...

Before I used to find alot of useful things hidden in my closet but I think I've dug everything out. Cute bag!

Paris said...

Hey! Thank you so much for your kind words! You've made my day! hehe. That bag and scarf are lovely and timeless!! I hope you didn't find the icecream in your wardrobe though, that could be carnage! xx


Those are super cute pieces! Your blog is so romantic. Thank you for the inspiration! xx

Danz said...

Ok, I need to take a trip to the back of my closet and see if I can find anything nearly as gorgeous as what you found! Haha, and I thought the same thing as paris about the ice cream!

Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie, I hope you're having a wonderful day!

La Clocharde said...

Bananas Diary: thank you for the visit and for the comment. I'll keep visiting your super cool blog too!

Wendy: Thank you for the visit. I was really lucky, I never expected these nice discoveries. I love love love your outfits in your blog, BTW.

Paris: Hey darling, thanks for passing by. I laughed a lot with your comment, and realised after reading it and Danz's that it actually looks as I also found the poor little ice cream there too, hahaha! Lucky me, it was found in a cooler place and it was a "new ice cream". Vintage it's cool, but maybe not for food, isn't it? You are so sweet, and also made my day with your very funny comment :).

Acielle: Oh, thanks for the comment! Saying that my blog is romantic is just what I wanted to read :). It's just as I like it. You are a truly stylish girl and great photographer and cool hunter, and your blog is something I visit every day and love it so much, amd a big inspiration too :).

Danz: Dear Danz! Your comment and Paris' one made my day, really. Now I'm gonna think of you every time I have one of those mini chocolate ice creams, and that is so nice :). Loved your new posts, I keep visiting you every are just so cool and sweet!