Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mini holidays... Madrid.

Visiting friends, which is always fun, enjoying the nights in the city that never sleeps, revisiting museums and, of!!!!

I bought:

-a vintage flower dress
-a pair of Oxford shoes
-a pair of grey shorts

I'll show some pics very soon.

Until then, some interesting places to buy cool stuff in Madrid:

La Maison, cute store located in a stylish appartment in the coolest area in Madrid. Handmade clothes, unique pieces, cool hair complements and many clutches.

Retro City, vintage store runned by the two nicest shop assitants in Madrid. Good prices, excellent location, some interesting accesories, many dresses...actually the place where I bought my dress.

Corachán y Delgado, the best vintage store in Madrid. Simply fabulous, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, many 20s items, so exclusive...But expensive (snif snif). The store is sooo beautiful, located in restored old wine shop.

Biscuit, the cutest store!! Full of girly dresses, handmade brooches, flower hair complements and the nicest pendants...everything is so unique here. Lovely lovely! (And they give you little cookies with dress shapes, isn't that cute?).


Times of Glory said...

What a great trip! It sounds superb! I cannot wait to see the pictures of your purchase! Vintages are just amazing xxxxxxxxx

we wear things said...

oooh Madrid! i'm jealous.. i'm ready for another holiday....



Hi dear!

Madrid sounds like a fantastic place. I've never been there... When I will finally visit it, I will definitely go to the stores you recommend. I would love to see all your purchases :-)

Thanks for all your sweet words. So supportive. You are the best!

Regarding your comment: I was only in transit in Paris airport. Would love to go back as well...


Moi said...

just found your blog while i'm searching for vintage stores in Madrid. do you know the opening hours of the biscuitstore?

I'm going to follow you great post!
with love moi