Monday, November 10, 2008

(Mary) Janes Addiction

I'm a shoe addict. But after many many pairs, I've realised that Mary Janes are probably my favourite type of shoe. No matter if they are flats, mid heels, or really high matter the colour. I'm addicted to Mary Janes!

So, when I went shopping on Saturday and saw these ridiculously pretty, comfortable and affordable black patent Mary Js I had to buy them. They are a basic that I'm gonna love wearing (although I already have other three pairs of black flat Mary Js, haha).

Black patent Mary Janes : Mango

Have you got any favourite shoe??



Hi dear!

Oh, they are so cute and adorable! I had them when i was at school and i loved them :-)

Merci beaucoup for all your super inspiring and supporting words!

Lots of love,

Brigadeiro said...

I love pumps, and most of my shoes are now pumps, in so many different colours (black, red, grey, pale blue, electric blue, nude, etc...) and brands (Stella McCartney & Christian Louboutin are the most comfortable, followed by Giuseppe Zanotti & Chanel), so much so that I have to avoid buying them now, and instead am trying to add some 'different' styles into my 'collection'. :) Mary Janes are cute though!

Annie said...

Cute shoes! I admit I have a Mary Jane addiction too! There's something child-like and innocent about them, isn't there?
Like your blog! Keep up the good work!

Couture Carrie said...

Those are sweet and perfect. I love flat maryjanes. My favorite at the moment are my buttery Loeffler Randall flat boots - so comfy and chic, just like yours!


ryder said...

well, i never tried mango shoes but they always look nice in lookbook as well in stores.

my favourite are my diesel shoes while they are unusual and yet very sportive so i can do bunch of things in them.


Well they are cute, you're right to buy them. I love strap shoes too but I think my favorite are the T-strap shoes or Salomé as we name them in French.
I'd like to exchange links, what do you think about it? Have a nice week-end.

Maribel said...

I'm a shoe addict too! I love every pair of shoes I see (and also liked yours!) :) greetings from Argentina!

roxanne said...

flats in any form are definitely my preferred shoe to wear, but i love looking at heels, marveling at how their wearers manage to wear them so effortlessly..


YES! all that have Velcro. :P

xoxo ^^

Vintage Vinyl said...

Those are very pretty. They remind me of some Louboutin mary jane flats I saw the other day. I love mary janes too! They are so adorable. They always remind me of alice in wonderland, which might just be why I adore them so much.